What is Angular , NativeScript , React JS and React native … ?

Here i am sharing my knowledge on the Top frontend development frameworks and Native Mobile app development frame works.

Angular : Angular is a platform/framework that makes it easy to build applications with the web.With angular you can build applications which reuse the code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target.Angular is developed and maintained by the Google team. Angular started with the version 2 aka Angular 2.After that they released version 4,5 and 6(No Angular 3!). The reason why no Angular 3 is the router package was in version 3.x in Angular 2 ,so instead of putting everything to 3.0 and the router to 4.0, the team chose to upgrade the versions of all the ng — modules to 4.0. Next version 7 will be releasing this September. The architecture of an Angular application is different from AngularJS. The main building blocks for Angular are modules, components, templates, metadata, data binding, directives, services and dependency injection.You can find more details here https://angular.io/

NativeScript : Using nativescript we can build native iOS and Android apps
with JavaScript or by using any language that transpiles to JavaScript, such as Typescript. NativeScript directly supports the Angular framework and supports the Vue framework via a community-developed plugin. Mobile applications built with NativeScript result in fully native apps, which use the same APIs as if they were developed in Xcode or Android Studio.Its developed and manged by Nativescript opensource community.You can find more details here : https://www.nativescript.org/

React JS : A JavaScript library (not a framework!) for building user interfaces. It deals with View in the MVC(Model — View — Controller). React has a concept of Virtual DOM. changes in the HTML are not pushed to the DOM directly, but instead it is pushed to something called VirtualDOM. When there is a difference which occurs between VirtualDOM and real HTML DOM, changes are pushed to the realDOM. This is what makes it fast.This is developed and maintained by the facebook team. You can find more details here : https://reactjs.org/

ReactNative : Using ReactNative we can build native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React. React Native is a framework that builds a hierarchy of UI components to build the JavaScript code. It has a set of components for both iOS and Android platforms to build a mobile application with native look and feel. ReactJS, on the other hand, is an open source JavaScript library to create user interfaces. However, both React Native and ReactJS are developed by Facebook using the same design principles, except designing interfaces. Another reason why the REACT Native framework has gained popularity in recent years is that the framework helps cater both the platforms at one go and ends the holy war of selecting either iOS or Android development for mobile developers. Hence, giant companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg, UberEATS Vogue and many more have shifted their eyeballs towards it.You can find more details here : https://facebook.github.io/react-native/

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